How to make money from Food Blogging

How to make money from Food Blogging in India?

I wanted to be a food blogger and I don’t know how to become one. I did some research and I found out many people were earning a lot via food blogging. According to Semrush, food bloggers make a median monthly income of $9,169 which is approximately 7 lakh rupees in India. Is it not astonishing? I was also amazed! But getting that much income is not an easy task. In this blog, I will tell you how I started my journey as a food blogger in India and started making money.

Why did I want to be a Food Blogger?

I was interested in cooking that too with our native Indian recipes from my childhood. Cooking was a hobby for me in which I spent my time more happily than anything. My friends really liked my cooking and suggested that food blogging can help me monetize my cooking skills. I was also interested in that idea.

Food blogging excited me because I can do the cooking which I loved and also earn from it. A profession related to cooking that I always wanted to have. I was so confident that I will make my food blog and start earning from it.

Starting a Food Blog without any knowledge of a Website

I wanted to start my food blog now out of my passion for cooking, but I had a lot of doubts. So, Google was a safe haven for me where I asked my confused questions. Surely it did clear my doubts to some extent but not completely. I got a lot of information like website development, website hosting, SEO, video blogging, etc. I was so confused about how I can proceed with food blogging.

All the processes I found out about food blogging made me feel so complicated. I thought why don’t I search for a service provider who could help me with the idea of food blogging. I searched on google again for website development and digital marketing companies in India and enquired about the charges to a lot of them.

Finally, I found Repute Digital Business Agency located in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Out of all the service providers I enquired about, Repute was the one to solve my doubts on the first call. Reviews

How to earn via Food Blogging 

Repute stood first in my mind after enquiring about a lot of other websites and digital marketing service providers. I decided to proceed with them to do my food blogging website.

Services provided by Repute for the development of my food blogging website:

Website Development
Social media Marketing
✔ SEO services
✔ Website Maintenance Services
✔ Ad placements on the website

These were the processes they have promised me to do in the first phase. They explained to me each and every process. Let me now explain how my food blog website Famous India Recipe was created from the scratch.

Website Development

They suggested to go with WordPress to build my website. They developed my Famous Indian Recipes website from nothing to a good colourful website with a proper structure and theme. They did logo creation with branding.

Social media Marketing

Food Blog Content Suggestions

Repute gave me topics for the recipes after doing keyword research. I gave them the recipes accordingly so that we could post food recipes in the blog for what the people search for. This is one of the best SEO practices in food blogging, which can increase your website visibility easily. When you write for what people search, your food blog becomes a hit in less time.

SEO Services

Repute provided me with affordable SEO services. All other service providers cost a huge sum for their SEO services.

They did good On-Page SEO by creating proper internal linking in my website which provides a proper structure and hierarchy. They also did the best Off-Page SEO bringing back legit backlinks which increased my Domain Authority. All these SEO processes followed brought me many visitors and increased my website ranking.

Ad placements on the website

After bringing in good visitors through top SEO strategies, Repute started placing Ads on my Famous Indian Recipes Website. When the posting of my food recipes on my website increased, the money I earned via google ads also increased

Website Maintenance Services

Just creating and developing the website is alone not enough. You need to maintain the website and check whether many criteria are technically working properly such as the website loading time. If there is any problem with the website, it will directly hit the website’s ranking.

Consistent update of food blogs is required for proper ranking of the website. The ranking of my website was improving day by day because of proper maintenance.

Analytical Report

Repute provides me with an Analytic report every month. They explain to me the developments that happened on the website, the number of blogs uploaded, improvement in earnings from Ads, social media activities, increase in the subscribers and followers, etc. Analytics Report was clear cut and legit. I could see the development of my food blog every month statistically.

Future Food Blogging Strategies

All the above-said things are active on my website now. I have planned many strategies to develop my food blogging via digital marketing to increase my income. Some of the future food blogging strategies planned are,

✔ Video Food Blogging
✔ Affiliate Marketing
✔ Email Marketing
✔ Increase more subscribers
✔ Plan to make me an influencer
✔ Ebook with my Recipes
✔ Guest Blogging

All these strategies are yet to be executed. Though I didn’t start earning 7 lakhs in a month, I started to earn a very good sum. I am looking forward to earning more.

This is my story of how I developed my food blog and started earning from it. If you want to avail the best SEO services along with Digital Marketing, Website, and Social media Marketing Services from Repute you can contact them via You can also visit their website


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