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Idli batter, How to make idli batter recipe, idli batter for soft idli

how to make idli batter at home ?

Idli batter is prepared with idli rice and urad dal. In south India, vegetarian recipes index without idli dosa with sambar is incomplete. Idli recipe and dosa recipe has very important place in South India . IR 20 rice variety or vellaikar rice are best rice for idli. soft idli recipe goes well with coconut chutney, sambar, Kara chutney and tomato chutney

Idli ingredients:

  • Idly rice (vellaikar rice) – 1 kilogram
  • Ponni rice – ½ kilogram
  • Black Urad dal – 175 gram
  • White urad dal – 75 gram
  • Fenugreek seeds – 2 spoons
  • Water to soak and grind idly batter

Steps to grinding idli batter/ making batter :

  • To Begin soak idli rice in a bowl for minimum 4 hours
  • Soak white and black urad dal separately for 4 hours (add fenugreeks seeds in last 15 minutes).
  • After 4 hours, wash white urad dal two times and keep it aside.
  • Mean while take a black urad dal then remove black part of the urad dal and keep it a side.
  • Now put both urad dal in to grinder (table top grinder is best grinder for dosa batter preparation), and then grind up to 20 to 30 minutes till urad dal become fluffy.
  • At middle interval add ice cubes instead of water in urad dal, it will increase quantity of urad dal and reduce grinding heat.
  • Take a idli batter container and pour urad dal batter, and then pour washed rice in grinder and grind up to light semi coarse consistency by adding little amount of water(should not add too much water. consistency should be light thick).
  • Next mix urad dal batter and rice batter with required salt and ferment up to minimum 10 hours.
  • Once fermentation completed mix again and well and keep it a side.
  • The perfect batter is ready to make soft and spongy idllies.
  • idli batter proportion : vellaikar rice 1 Kg + Ponni rice 500 gram : Black urad dal 175 Gram + White urad dal 75 Gram.


  • idli sambar recipe with chutney is very popular Indian break fast recipe
  • Are idli and dosa batter same :To make dosa batter recipe add little amount of water and make dosa. (Don’t add too much water; it will be semi flowing consistency)
  • If you want dosa very crispy means add 1:1 ratio of ponni rice and ration rice.
  • Otherwise you can also use aval (Flattened rice) for making dosa as crispy. (Probably 1 cup of aval)
  • some people preparing idli dosa batter recipe with mixie

Frequently asked questions:

  • how long should idli batter ferment: The dough prepared for making idli rises when kept overnight because of the production of carbon dioxide gas in it. This gas is produced as a byproduct of process of fermentation (anaerobic respiration/respiration in absence of oxygen) in batter of black lentils or rice which is used to cook idli.
  • what to do if idli batter is not fermented: You can leave it for couple more hours in the open. Mix the batter and leave it in a warm place.
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