ribbon pakoda recipe

ribbon pakoda recipe, how to make ribbon murukku recipe , ola pakoda

How to make ribbon pakoda recipe ?

Ribbon pakoda recipe is a  festival snacks recipe made for Diwali / Janmasthami.  This Pakoda recipe has different names like ola pakoda, Aaku pakodi, Nada Pakoda Recipe, nada thenkuzhal, Ribbon Pokkodam. I’m sharing recipe for ribbon pakoda with step by step. Learn How to prepare ribbon pakoda recipe with simple metods now.

Ribbon pakoda ingredients:

  • Idli rice – 1 kilogram
  • Roasted chana dal – ½ kilo gram
  • Urad dal – 100 gram
  • Butter – 100 gram (melted) or melted dalta 100 grams
  • Red chili – 7 no’s
  • Asafoetida – a pinch
  • Ajwain – crushed ¼ spoon
  • Sesame seeds – 1 teaspoon (white or black)
  • Salt as needed
  • Water to making dough
  • Oil for deep frying

Steps to prepare ribbon pakoda recipe:

  1. First soak idli rice in water for 2 ½ hours, then wash and drain the water.
  2. Switch on stove. Take a fry pan when it is heated add urad dal and fry till we get nice aroma. (Don’t over fry)
  3. Transfer urad dal in to a mixer grinder and make a fine powder then sieve it.
  4. Next add roasted chana dal (pottu kadalai) in a mixer grinder then make fine powder and sieve it.
  5. In a hot water immerse the red chili for 15 minutes, then drain the water and make a fine red chili paste.
  6. Grind the idly rice by adding little amount of water and transfer in to a mixing bowl and keep it aside. (Requires a coarse grinding like idly batter consistency)
  7. In idly rice batter add urad dal flour, roasted chana dal flour, red chili paste, Ajwain, sesame seeds, asafoetida, salt as needed and melted butter.
  8. Now mix the ribbon Pakoda mixture carefully and make smooth dough.
  9. At last add 4 spoons heated oil in a ribbon Pakoda mixture and check the salt and spicy of ribbon Pakoda flour if you want, you can add it and knead dough again and keep it aside.
  10. Next place a pan in the stove then add required oil for deep frying the ribbon Pakoda.
    In meanwhile take ribbon pakoda maker ( murukku maker  / Thenkuzhal) and grease some oil in the two sides (both inner and outer) of the murukku maker.
  11. take a small part of dough and pour in to the murukku machine. (Take ribbon Pakoda plate).
  12. Check the oil whether it is heated or not by adding small part of ribbon Pakoda flour in to the oil.
  13. When the flour comes up from the oil means it is heated.
  14. Press the ribbon pakoda maker in one circular motion straightly in oil in a low flame. (Careful while squeezing)
  15. Now wait for 5 minutes and turned another side.
  16. Fry the ribbon Pakoda recipe till it becomes golden yellow colour then take from oil and put it to the kitchen towel or tissue paper to absorb extra oil from the murukku.
  17. Same procedure will be followed till remaining dough could be finished.
  18. After every batch of ribbon Pakoda flour taken from the dough, knead the dough thoroughly to avoid dryness and flour become so soft and it is easy for squeezing the ribbon Pakoda recipe.
  19. Cool down the ribbon Pakoda in room temperature then pour in to the air tight container for long use.
  20. Traditional hot and spicy ribbon pakoda recipe is ready to serve.
  21. Serve this ribbon Pakoda as a big round or break it in to finger sized shaped
  22. Enjoy this ribbon murukku recipe in a festive time (diwali snacks).
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  • To avoid sour taste of the ribbon Pakoda flour, first make sure that all required items are ready then finally add the rice flour in to the mixture.
  • Here I used long red chili; according to chili variety the quantity of chili will be vary.
  • This is an easy Ribbon Pakoda Recipe, can use both idly rice and cooking rice for making this ribbon Pakoda. (Equal quantity)
  • If the dough becomes tightened means sprinkle some salted water and knead dough again and make ribbon Pakoda recipe.
  • If you are a cholesterol patient means add dalta or heated oil for making ribbon Pakoda because butter absorbs too much oil in Pakoda. ( for more crispy use more roasted chana dal flour).
  • Since few of friends asking as “ribbon pakoda seivathu eppadi” i’ll share ribbon pakoda recipe in tamil shortly.
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