navratri vrat recipes - Famous Indian Recipes

navratri vrat recipes – Navratri Recipes for 2017 – recipes for navratri fast

Navratri vrat recipes – Famous Indian Recipes- fasting recipes

Most of Fasting recipes are very quick and easy to make. Each Indian State has their own way of celebrating Navratri. Offering various foods to godess. Here is small collection of Navratri vrat recipes. 

1) Black sundal recipe (kala chana sundal)

black sundal recipe, This is an easy sundal recipe with brown channa or kondai kadalai also known as Kala channa sundal. This Channa Sundal recipe is a healthy, low fat South Indian style protein rich snack.

Black sundal recipe
Black sundal recipe

2) Aval upma recipe (Poha Upma for fasting)

Aval upma recipe is an easy breakfast recipe. its also know as Poha Upma recipe. Red poha or red rice flakes is nothing but flattened rice made from red rice.

Aval upma recipe
Famous Indian Recipes – Aval upma recipe

3) rava laddu recipe (Sooji Ladoo)

rava laddu recipe is a traditional and delicious sweet dish. its also know as Suji ladoo recipe, or Sooji Ladoo. Lets see how to prepare rava laddu recipe. here im sharing rava ladoo recipe south Indian method.

Famous Indian Recipes - rava laddu recipe
Famous Indian Recipes – rava laddu recipe

4) masala vada recipe (paruppu vadai)

masala vada recipe, a crispy and savory deep fried snacks recipe made from chana dal and spices. It is also known as Paruppu vada

Masala Vada Recipe - Famous Indian Recipes
Masala Vada Recipe – Famous Indian Recipes

5) sabudana payasam recipe (sabudana kheer recipe)

sabudana payasam recipe is a delicious dessert and kids will like this recipe.

sabudana payasam recipe
sabudana payasam recipe- Famous Indian Recipes

6) sabudana moong dal khichdi

Sabudana moong dal khichdi is very testy and delicious recipe. especially kids will like this.

Sabudana moong dal khichdi
Sabudana moong dal khichdi – How to make sabudana moong dal khichdi

7) Ven Pongal recipe (khara pongal recipe)

Ven Pongal recipe is a famous south Indian breakfast recipe goes well with sambar and coconut chutney. its also known as khara pongal.

Ven Pongal recipe
Ven Pongal recipe, how to make ven pongal recipe, khara pongal recipe

8) Rava kichadi recipe (Sooji kichadi recipe)

Rava kichadi recipe is an easy south Indian breakfast recipe made with Rava, Tomato and Spices.

Rava kichadi recipe
Rava kichadi recipe, how to make rava kichadi recipe, Sooji kichadi recipe

9) Tamarind Rice Recipe

Tamarind rice recipe is a popular dish of South India. its an easy and quick recipe. This recipe has many name in Tamilnadu like Pulihora, Puliogare, Puliyodharai, Puliyodarai, Pulikkachal, Pulihora and Puliyodhara.

tamarind rice recipe
Famous Indian Recipes – Tamarind rice recipe

10) Seven cup sweet recipe – 7 cus burfi recipe

Seven Cup sweet recipe is a delicious sweet and an easy to prepare

seven cup sweet recipe
Indian Food Recipes – seven Cup Sweet

11) Dates Smoothie Juice

This dates smoothie is packed full of nutritious goodies, making it a quick and simple

Dates Smoothie
Famous Indian-recipes-dates-smoothies

12) Kesari recipe

Rava Kesari also known as Kesari bath is an easy and most popular South Indian sweet recipe

Rava kesari recipe
Famous Indian Recipes – Kesari recipe



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